Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Vehicle Check UK is a website that offers free and paid vehicle history reports, these reports include a variety of different information. You can try our free report with the option to upgrade to a comprehensive report by entering a registration here.

How does this work?

Enter a registration on the homepage or below, on the free basic report you’ll be given the option to upgrade to a standard or deluxe check if you decide to.

Who needs a vehicle history check?

If you’re a used car buyer or just someone wanting to check the history of your own vehicle then deluxe check is our most comprehensive report. It offers vital information such as Finance check, write off check, stolen check and much more for only £7.99. We currently have a sample report for you to check out so you know what deluxe checks include.

What data is included in deluxe check?

Deluxe check is our most comprehensive vehicle history report and is what we recommend for used car buyers, it includes vital information and checks such as:

  • £30,000 Data Guarantee
  • Finance & Logbook loan check
  • Write off check
  • Salvage check
  • Stolen check
  • Scrapped / Un-scrapped check
  • Import/Export check
  • Mileage check
  • VIC inspected check
  • Colour/plate changes
  • Vehicle Valuation
  • Much more.

What data is included in standard check?

The standard check includes most information the deluxe check contains, apart from:
Data guarantee, Finance check & Valuation

What’s the difference between deluxe and standard check?

Standard check doesn’t include: Data guarantee, Finance check & Valuation.

How much is a deluxe/standard check?

We currently charge £7.99 for a comprehensive deluxe check & £2.99 for a standard check, you can upgrade via the basic report.

What’s included in the basic report (free)?

Make, Model, Colour, Vehicle Type, Body Style, Fuel Type, BHP, Top Speed, 0-60 MPH, Insurance Group, V5C Issue Date, Year, Vehicle Age, Date of Registration, Cylinder Capacity, Mileage Information, MOT Status, Road Tax Status, MOT History & more.

Do free/paid checks include car insurance status?

No, we do not offer a car insurance check, however, you can check the car insurance status of your vehicle at the askMID website.

Can I get ownership information from paid reports?

No, whilst paid reports contain the number of previous keepers, they do not contain any previous owner/keeper names, addresses or details.

Can I check road tax renewal date?

Yes, we offer the road tax expiry date and much more on our free basic report, which you can carry out via the homepage.

Can I find MOT History and renewal date?

Yes, if available both the MOT history and expiry date will be shown on the free basic report.

Can I check a vehicle’s mileage?

Yes, we offer MOT mileage history via our free basic report, this includes a mileage graph at the bottom of the report as well.

Can I check a Motorbike?

Yes, our service works for all UK registered vehicle’s (Motorbikes included) as long as the vehicle is found via our free basic report, then you should be able to upgrade to a deluxe/standard check.

I can’t find my vehicle

There are several reasons this can happen, but the most common causes are:

  1. The vehicle is in the middle of a data/plate change so allow 7 days and try again.
  2. You entered the registration incorrectly, e.g., a “0” instead of an “O”.
  3. The registration actually does not exist

Do you offer cheaper pricing?

Yes, we do offer checks cheaper if you buy in bulk, please visit the custom pricing for bulk buyer’s page.

Do you offer support?

You can get in touch with us via the contact page or email us at: [email protected] – We aim to respond to any queries the same day.